"The outcomes for children are outstanding.....Results are consistently higher than the national average."

ISI Inspection 2016 of the Early Years' Foundation Stage

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Invest In Your Grandchild's Education

As a grandparent, have you considered investing in your grandchild's education instead of paying 40% inheritance tax?

More and more grandparents are contributing towards school fees as they seek to leave a worthy bequest whilst avoiding giving away lifetime earnings to the taxman!

How does it work?

  • Regular payment of some or all school fees from grandparents' income can be made without incurring any inheritance tax (IHT) duties - as long as the loss of this money does not force you to dip into your savings
  • You can make use of annual IHT exemptions and give away up to £2,500 per annum without attracting a tax charge
  • In addition, gifts of up to £250 can be made which are exempt from IHT
  • And remember, any amount can be given away without inheritance tax implications as long as the grandparent lives for a further 7 years after the donation.

Grandparents have helped pay fees by:

  • Unlocking money in pension funds
  • Re-mortgaging property
  • Setting up trust funds


  • Discounts are available to those paying school fees in advance

A first-class education is one of the most valuable gifts that parents or grandparents can give to children.

To discuss your options further, please contact the Clerk and Treasurer on tel: 01204 840201 or at info@boltonschool.org

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