"The best thing I can say of the school was that it worked. It embedded in me habits of reading and thinking as well as an enduring curiosity about just about everything."

Bryan Appleyard - award-winning journalist and author

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Much of the material herewith is copied from various editions of the Boltonian magazine 1899-2011, for which we owe thanks to many authors.

About half of the material has been written specially for this publication, and names or initials of the authors are usually appended.

The general editing has been by David Allen (Boys' Division Staff, 1957-1993) who has been responsible for the general format and detail, and accepts any mistakes and errors are his own fault.  He will be grateful for advice and corrections of fact from those actually involved.

The IT adviser has been Quentin Jefferies, to whom a debt of gratitude beyond belief is owed.