"The best thing I can say of the school was that it worked. It embedded in me habits of reading and thinking as well as an enduring curiosity about just about everything."

Bryan Appleyard - award-winning journalist and author

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Margaret Dora Higginson (1918 - 2009)

In memory of Miss Higginson, who was Headmistress of the Girls' Division between 1954 and 1979, the Old Girls' Association will be publishing a five part biography online.

If any Old Girl (or indeed anyone else) would like to offer further reminiscences or anecdotes about Margaret we should be very glad to receive them.  Please send them to:

Carol Haslam at Bolton School:

Mail:     Bolton School

           Chorley New Road


           BL1 4PA

E-Mail:  CHaslam@boltonschool.org


Issue One: 26th October 2010

Issue Two: 10th February 2011

Issue Three: 25th July 2012

Issue Four: 17 October 2014 

Issue Five: 17 October 2014

Miss Higginson

Miss Higginson