"Parents are blown away by the facilities when they first come here. "

Infant School Parent

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The general telephone number for Bolton School is 01204 840201.

If you would like a prospectus or application form to be mailed to you, should you wish to arrange a private visit or should you have any questions, please contact the section of Bolton School that you are interested in (contact details below).

Prospectus Request

You can request a prospectus by filling out the online form and a brochure will be posted to you.

Nursery (Boys and Girls 0-4 years)

Contact: The Receptionist
Tel: 01204 432144
Fax: 01204 419363
E-mail: nursery@boltonschool.org
Address: Bolton School Nursery, Dobson Road, Bolton, BL1 4RL

Infant School - Beech House (Boys and Girls 4-7 years)

Contact: Mrs Katharine Gore, Beech House Secretary
Tel: 01204 840201 ext 269
E-mail: infants@boltonschool.org
Address: Beech House, Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4PB

Junior Boys (7-11 years)

Contact: Mr Stephen Whittaker, Headmaster, or the School Secretary (Mrs Moores or Mrs Woodhead)
Tel: 01204 434735
Fax: 01204 410073
E-mail: juniorboys@boltonschool.org
Address: Bolton School Junior Boys' School, Park Road, Bolton, BL1 4RD

Junior Girls (7-11 years)

Contact: Miss Jennifer Agogué, The School Secretary
Tel: 01204 434761
E-mail: juniorgirls@boltonschool.org
Address: Bolton School Junior Girls' School, Chorley New Road, BL1 4PB

Senior and Sixth Form Boys (11-18 years)

Contact: Mrs Mari Leather or Mrs Susan Yates, The Headmaster's Secretaries
Tel: 01204 840201
Fax: 01204 849477
E-mail: seniorboys@boltonschool.org
Address: Bolton School Boys' Division, Chorley New Road, BL1 4PA

Senior and Sixth Form Girls (11-18 years)

Contact: Mrs Lynden Graham, The Headmistress's Secretary
Tel: 01204 840201 ext 210
Fax: 01204 434710
E-mail: seniorgirls@boltonschool.org
Address: Bolton School Girls' Division, Chorley New Road, BL1 4PB

Miscellaneous Division