"My time at Bolton School will be something that I will always remember, it has shaped the person I am today. "

Recent Leaver and Bursary Recipient

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Recent Trips

Year 2 children have been finding out about different faiths in R.E. Last year, they visited a local church and, also, the Manchester Jewish Museum, housed in a former synagogue. They were fascinated by the ark and the Torah scroll but were horrified by the large red tongue worn by the early 20th century schoolchildren who chattered too much!

Our children donned wellingtons and sunhats when they went to Crompton Lodges to find out what lives in a pond. Using large nets, they scooped out a record number of living things from sticklebacks to leeches. Each creature had to be transferred to a white tub and identified on the chart provided. There was great excitement as they watched the wriggling, crawling and darting movements. The children were very concerned to see some litter in the ponds and this provoked a good discussion about the environment. A picnic lunch rounded off the trip. All returned to school dry and happy to do some further research on pond life. It was noticed in the days following the trip that the children's attitude to 'creepy crawlies' had changed and that they were interested and caring rather than disgusted.

Beech House church visit Beech House Pond dipping at Crompton Lodges

Pond dipping at Crompton Lodges

Beech House pond dipping