"Pupils work well together and individually, and are very successful in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including music, drama and games."

ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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ICT is an integral part of role play in our Foundation Stage classrooms, reflecting its ever expanding presence in the wider world. Young 'shopkeepers' use electronic tills, 'shoppers' use cash machines and 'security staff' communicate via walkie talkies. Our children operate tape recorders as they listen to stories and use computer software to enhance their learning. They programme toys such as robots or cars and send small 'bees' buzzing back to their homes.

The use of the interactive whiteboard brings further excitement into the curriculum as the children learn to send emails, write letters and numbers with a 'magic' pen or consolidate literacy and numeracy skills.

Word processing skills are developed in Years 1 and 2 not only in the classroom but also in the Junior ICT suite where each child has access to a computer. Our children also enjoy creating pictures and adding text, making charts and graphs from information they have collected and using the internet. Digital cameras, tape recorders and programmable toys are used to enhance learning in subjects across the curriculum.

My favourite lesson is ICT because I like using all the different keys and exploring new websites.

Christmas card produced in ICT

Ani's Christmas card produced in ICT

Bolton School Infants pupil studying ICT