"Pupils work well together and individually, and are very successful in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including music, drama and games."

ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Our Science scheme of work is based on National Curriculum guidelines but our main aim is to kindle the enthusiasm of the children by allowing them to ask questions, to investigate ideas and to discover information through practical activities. Cars are sent speeding down ramps when the children investigate forces while police cars and lighthouses with flashing lights are constructed as part of our electricity topic.

Wherever possible, Science topics are linked to other areas of the curriculum, for example ICT, PSHE, English, Maths or Geography. The children sometimes work independently and sometimes co-operatively in small groups. Groups in Year 1 work together to discover which material will keep teddy's fur dry in a rainstorm and individuals find out more about their senses by using feely boxes, listening to taped sound effects or conducting tasting experiments while blindfolded.

As our children begin to acquire correct scientific vocabulary, we encourage them to describe their investigations precisely and to take part in discussions. They learn to record their findings in different ways such as charts, tables, diagrams and accounts.

My favourite lesson is Science because you get to do lots of experiments.

Bolton School Infants Science student