"My time at Bolton School will be something that I will always remember, it has shaped the person I am today. "

Recent Leaver and Bursary Recipient

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The Curriculum

The Foundation Stage (3 to 5 years)

Our children continue the Foundation Stage curriculum begun in their nurseries, progressing towards the Key Stage 1 curriculum during their year in Reception. Our first aim is to help the children to settle happily into a safe, secure school environment, to develop their social skills and establish friendships. We believe that happy children learn well.

We encourage our children to learn through first hand experience and practical activities, developing confidence and self-esteem as they encounter new ideas and acquire new skills. During the year, we hope to help the children to improve their skills in all areas of learning and to begin to work independently. We hope they will experience moments of wonder.

As they work and play, we give them support so that they can experience success and provide them with challenges to extend their learning. We try to cater for different learning styles and provide a stimulating environment with excellent resources for each area of the curriculum. Visits to local places of interest give the children relevant, practical experiences linked to their learning in school.

Key Stage 1

During their first year at Beech House, the children begin to make the transition to Key Stage 1.

Year 1 and Year 2 children follow an exciting programme of work using the National Curriculum as a starting point. We enrich it with additional experiences designed to promote independent learning through problem-solving, creativity and challenge. We expect the children to do their best and we support them where necessary.

We cater for the children's different learning styles, valuing their individual differences and personalities. By providing a wide range of activities, we give each child plenty of opportunities to develop his or her individual talents. We continue to help the children widen their social skills, enabling them to work and play well with others whilst increasing their self-confidence.

By the end of Year 2, our children are ready to make a smooth transition to their Junior Schools.

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