"Bolton School Girls' Division is highly successful in meeting its aim to realise the potential of each pupil. The quality of pupils’ achievement and learning is excellent."

ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Our first priority is to help the children to settle into our school community and to feel secure, cared for, happy and very much part of the Beech House family. 'When I first came to Beech House I was tiny and lonely and scared. Now I feel confident. Hard work is a real breeze now'.


Personal, Social and Health Education with Citizenship. Our children take part in a full programme of PSHE designed to help them develop not just moral values and an understanding of their feelings but also to give them vital knowledge about personal safety and health issues. Some of the topics are also covered in Science lessons and Assemblies....

Circle Time

Children in Years 1 and 2 enjoy a variety of activities as part of their Circle Time programme. They share thoughts and feelings, ambitions and dreams, play games which foster team spirit, reflect on their behaviour and achievements and talk about themselves in a non-threatening environment.


We have four Nursery Nurses at Beech House. They take it in turn to look after children in need of first aid or comfort when unwell. They refer children to one of our two school nurses when necessary. Throughout the school term, Nurse is available to care for children who are injured or ill and to advise staff and parents on medical...