"The classic Bolton School combination is hard work, good friends, challenging and thought-provoking teaching, a healthy desire to puncture the self-important and the sense that you can work hard to achieve things in life. "

Anthony Lilley OBE - CEO, Magic Lantern & Professor, Creative Industries, Ulster University

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Our pupils are fortunate to be able to enjoy a wide range of musical activities. Lessons always include practical music-making, whether through singing, percussion, keyboard, violin or recorder. In addition, all Year 4 have the chance to learn the violin. All classes are taught by specialist musicians and the standards are high.

Over a third of our pupils choose to supplement their curriculum music with individual lessons for which there is an extra charge. These lessons are taught by the school's excellent visiting music teachers.  Each term many of our pupils are entered for the Associated Board of Music examinations, achieving excellent results.

Performance plays a key role in the children's musical experience. For example, in the Spring Term any pupil who learns an instrument either in or out of school is invited to perform in front of their friends and family and a visiting adjudicator judges their performance and awards certificates. Late in the Summer term an evening concert is held in the Arts Centre where the pupils of peripatetic staff perform.

Music is hard at times but there is always a smiling face to help you in your lesson.
Rebecca (Year 6)

Junior Girls Playing Violin

The Music Festival provides an opportunity to play in front of a large audience