"The classic Bolton School combination is hard work, good friends, challenging and thought-provoking teaching, a healthy desire to puncture the self-important and the sense that you can work hard to achieve things in life. "

Anthony Lilley OBE - CEO, Magic Lantern & Professor, Creative Industries, Ulster University

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Religious Studies

Our aim is to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the major world faiths and to encourage them to think about the fundamental questions of life.

Our pupils reflect on what it means to have faith and develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding. We use the children's own experiences of festivals such as Easter, Diwali and Passover to enrich each other's understanding and appreciation of different faiths. This is often part of a whole school assembly and may include children sharing a particular activity, for example a traditional dance.

We also organise visits to local places of worship and invite representatives of local religious groups to come into school to talk to the children. In addition, we often use Assemblies to reflect on moral and religious issues.
I like RS because I like learning about different faiths.
Hannah (Year 5)

Junior Girls Visiting Manchester Cathedral

A visit to Manchester Cathedral