"We could not be more delighted with our son's progress at Beech House. His personal and social development has been remarkable. Academically we have seen him make excellent progress as well."

Beech House Parent

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An Ambassador's View

Kareena Singh

Built in 2010, the new, purpose-built Hesketh House was opened by Sir Richard Brook, the Director of the Leverhulme Trust. It is located within the magnificent Bolton School premises and is near the new, modern Sixth Form Centre, the Riley Centre. Within school, we have well-equipped specialist classrooms for Art, Science, Music and ICT. The welcoming library is a wonderful way for girls to expand their reading opportunities and we benefit from a wide selection of book genres. Being a 21st century school, Hesketh House provides each girl from Years 4 to Year 6 with an iPad Air – using these we increase our worldwide knowledge. 

Our teachers are extremely approachable and the girls can discuss any problem with them. Each week mornings, the whole school sits in the hall and listens to our head teacher, Mrs Laverick. Her assemblies are interactive and often humorous, they captivate every girl’s attention. Mrs Laverick reminds us about, Habits of Mind and at assembles we celebrate our achievements.

From Years 3 to 6, we study a wide variety of subjects. In English, we study spelling, grammar, comprehension and creative writing. The Reading Award Scheme, part of our English curriculum, is a programme that allows us to take our understanding of books one step further by reviewing literature and completing tasks related to our reading. The English Speaking Board Examination is another favourite, for which we prepare a four minute oral presentation, recite a poem and present and answer questions on a section a of a chosen fiction book. We are also accredited marks for our listening skills and ability to ask intelligent questions. Year 6 pupils present a summer drama production in the Girls’ Division Theatre – the highlight of their year. The production is the most popular annual event because of the wonderful opportunity to perform and act on stage. We prepare most of the play by ourselves with teachers to guide us on our way. 

In Maths, we learn about everything from number sentences to algebra and in Years 5 and 6 we complete a Primary Maths Challenge. In Science, I personally enjoy undertaking experiments and so do the rest of the girls. In Learning Challenges, with our iPads to help, we study History, Geography, Religious Studies, Music and Art, PE and lots more! Hesketh House shows great interest in Music. Lessons are available to learn in an array of instruments and there are many concerts for the girls to show off their skills. Being a musician myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons and listening to my classmates perform at concerts. We also have a Junior Choir and Orchestra open to any girl who is interested. The Harvest Festival, Christmas and Summer concerts are special occasions for every girl to demonstrate their talents, whether through singing, speaking or acting.

In our PE lessons, there are so many great sports to participate in: netball, swimming, dancing, gymnastics and lacrosse (for Year 6). In clubs, we also have the option of badminton, football and cross-country activities. Hesketh House takes pride in our sports teams and have competed at a high achieving level. After concentrating in lessons, we are always glad to run around in the playground or on the field in the summer weather.   

We are lucky to have a long list of clubs to choose from and we are encouraged to commit to at least one lunchtime club. All the clubs are fun and inspiring. Climbing, Mandarin, Cookery and Eco clubs are just a few from the list. New clubs are added each year and grow more and more exciting! Every girl is inspired to take part in a sports club, participation is important. We are privileged to have Mr Wilson come in and run a chess club; as a result, our chess team has competed at international level and won several tournaments.

Patterdale Hall is the event I most look forward to, where Year 4-6 pupils experience a residential adventure. The Hall is located in the scenic, Ullswater area of the Lake District and is the School's Outdoor Pursuit Centre. When there, we have the opportunity to attempt gorge walking, archery, canoeing, rock climbing and perform the, 'Hairy Scary Man Jump' which involves jumping off a cliff! 

The Parents' Association is a dedicated group of parents that organise events such as: Breakfast Club, Fireworks Night and the Spring Fair. We are thankful to the Parents’ Association for running the spectacular Year 6 Leavers’ Party.

Hesketh House has taught me to be kind hearted, caring and responsible, whilst teaching me the skills I need for success in the future - these qualities will stay with me forever. Just saying my school name gives me pleasure and delight. Looking at the building, I feel honoured to be part of Hesketh House.

January 2016, on behalf of the Year 6 Ambassadors 

Ananya Ajit

Hesketh House is one of the newer additions to Bolton School. It was opened in 2010 by Sir Richard Brook and is named after William Hesketh Lever (also known as Lord Leverhulme). Bolton School is split into boys and girls (as well as Juniors and Seniors) and Hesketh House is the Junior Girls’ section of the school. The school has a warm, welcoming atmosphere and we always feel comfortable and secure when we are here. It has a friendly and educational environment and we learn so much here from our teachers!

Our school offers us many great facilities: the Junior Library, the ICT room, Science room and an Art room. We learn music in an area at the back of the Hall that includes a grand piano, cornets, ukuleles, an instrument store and cupboards with lots of percussion instruments. Music is extremely good fun and we never do a lesson without learning anything (or without going out with a smile on our faces!) Hesketh House pupils have the opportunity to perform concerts where we can showcase the school's musical talent. The Year 6 drama in the summer term, the Summer Concert and the Christmas production provide opportunities for solo singing parts and speaking parts. The Christmas production includes the whole school and we all work hard to make sure we do our best.

The school playground is spacious and parts of it are colourful with games on the ground. It has its own netball court (we have a netball squad that plays matches here). At one side of the playground, there is an amphitheatre where pupils can sit and relax and at the back of the school there is a sensory garden where we perform little shows. The sensory garden includes benches, musical instruments and a wooden gazebo. When the weather is bad we have a wet break time where we sit inside our classrooms and play a game or read a book. After playtime has finished we tidy up the classroom and prepare for the next lessons. 

There are many various sports teams in Hesketh House and these teams compete against other schools in sport matches. They are selected by the school sports’ teachers and  during some lunchtimes there are training sessions. 

In addition to lessons and playtimes, sports and music, Hesketh House offers a variety of tasty, nutritious food in the lunch hall. Lunchtime clubs are arranged to keep us occupied and interested. The clubs are fun and interactive and we have many great choices, there is something to suit everyone.

I enjoy coming to Hesketh House because it is a welcoming, wonderful place to have my education. The teachers are always kind and understanding, and if I had a problem I would feel free to talk to any of them. Joining our school may be a little scary at first but once you settle in you're in for a treat. The school is always at hand to help us when we are in need and I am very fortunate that I can come here.

January 2016, on behalf of the Year 6 Ambassadors

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