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World Book Day at Hesketh House

Thursday, 06 March 2014

World Book Day in Hesketh House had a Shakespearean theme to celebrate the wonderful world of books. The event saw pupils dress as a vast array of characters from many different books and genres. Some indulged further by dressing as a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays!

Each pupil was given a World Book Day £1 token to spend in bookshops, or this may be saved to use as part payment for a book at the forthcoming Book Fair starting in Hesketh House on Tuesday, March 18th.

To mark World Book Day, celebrations began early in Hesketh House, with some of the cast from Romeo and Juliet providing a captivating scene from the joint Senior School production. Each class had the opportunity to visit the Library and delve into comic strip versions of two a Shakespeare stories. MFL lessons adopted a Shakespearean theme too. Pupils learned some new vocabulary and became involved in activities relating to a Shakespeare play. To round the day off we had a concluding assembly where we watched BBC versions of Shakespeare’s animated tales. These additional activities made the whole day truly memorable – and formed and introduction to the celebration of Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary, which the Junior Girls will enjoy in two weeks’ time!

In the words of Prospero from The Tempest Act 4, Scene 1: "Our revels now are ended…We are such stuff as dreams are made on…"

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Where's Wally? - there were some really creative costumes on display

Harry Potter characters were very popular among the girls

Harry Potter characters were very popular among the girls

There was a really wide selection of books represented

There was a really wide selection of books represented