"Personally I attribute a significant part of my success to my Bolton School education and the superb foundation it provided. It is the reason why I am so keen to come back and work with the School. "

Katie Clinton - Director, Financial Services Audit Team, KPMG

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A Head Prefect's View

Hesketh House is a wonderful and creative place to learn and every member of Hesketh House is kind, caring, and helpful. The building itself comprises three floors, which involve the classrooms, a library,  science room, art room and a room full of ICT facilities.

The playground is a fun place to be! It includes many different activities that include life sized board games and a colourful spiral alphabet. There is also an amphitheatre, which can be used in many ways! We also have a wonderful sensory garden behind the building, with musical instruments, benches, as well as a gazebo! The sensory garden is a great place to spend time in as it is interactive as well as being peaceful!

On the ground floor in Hesketh House, there are the two Year 3 classrooms, both filled with the pupils’ creative work. Outside both classrooms, is a big wall filled with the Habits of Mind philosophy that we follow and that links with our school work and how we behave. We are always encouraged to use our habits of mind, everyday.

On the first floor are the Year 4 and 5 classrooms! There are many display boards filled with fantastic work from the Year 4 and 5 pupils. On the second floor are the Year 6 classrooms displayed with work representative of Year 6 pupils in English, Mathematics, Science and Learning Challenges. As well as the classrooms being on the top floor, there are also many other rooms such as the ICT suite, a room full of keyboards and technology, as well as a library covered with creatively designed furniture in the brightest of colours and packed with the most wonderful books, and other audio and visual material that we can borrow.  An ‘idea wall’ is placed outside the Year 6 classrooms, where each class can write down ideas and notes based on question prompts from a recent assembly. It is fun to read the different opinions and ideas everyone has, as well as the fact that everyone loves to get involved!

The assemblies that we have always give us pupils the opportunity to get involved in many creative ways. Many teachers hold assemblies and always we have fun with these, it is like a lesson for the whole school. In these assemblies we celebrate significant events: National Poetry Day, World Book Day, P.S.H.E. and House Meetings as well as Charity events. We have many amazing visitors who attend and give us great assemblies as well as performances! These range from boys and girls in the Senior Schools who share their talents with us in music and other areas of school life. Mrs Brierley, the Head Teacher, holds most assemblies and teaches us many things to help us as we progress through school. Like most lessons, humour is added into the assemblies which help brighten up our days, especially mornings!

The hall that we have assemblies in is also used for dining, indoor P.E lessons, and other extra-curricular activities. There is also a part of the hall behind the partitioning doors - that room has a grand piano and is where most music lessons are held.

Our school is a very “involved” school; it is full of life and joy. Many of the extra-curricular clubs that we have include: Ju-jitsu, Chess, Orchestra, Netball, Swimming,  there is such a wide variety of clubs from musical to athletic to art to thinking activities that it is impossible to mention them all! It’s great fun and gives us more opportunities to try something new and learn so much more.

In terms of trying something new, every year from Year 4 to Year 6 attend an Outdoor Pursuits at Patterdale Hall which is in the Lake District. It is definitely an adventurous trip, and takes pupils out of their comfort zone and encourages them to do things they have never experienced before. It’s an exhilarating adventure because every day you are there you are outdoors enjoying the fresh air, and doing something different from what you would usually do.

Hesketh House opens so many new opportunities for us all and is truly a wonderful place. There is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere all around the school that makes you feel at home. The best memories are made in Hesketh House, and you will never forget a second of being part of this happy school. The lessons are extremely fun and entertaining! Each teacher in every year always adds a little humour into the lessons, which makes everyone enjoy learning!



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The Junior Girls' Prefects

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