"Bolton School Girls' Division is highly successful in meeting its aim to realise the potential of each pupil. The quality of pupils’ achievement and learning is excellent."

ISI Inspection of the Girls' Division 2016

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Business Enterprise and Skills Training Course

The Business Enterprise and Skills Training Course (BEST) is a 3-day residential course designed to develop the skills the boys will need when they enter full-time employment. Although good examination results at A2 level are important, they do not tell an employer how successful that student will be when working in a team, how effective he or she will be when faced with time pressures, nor how influential their leadership style is. 

The BEST course held at Patterdale Hall challenges the Year 12 boys so that they develop the so-called softer skills that are valued highly by employers. The course is led by a number of professionals from a variety of fields who share their experiences of the business and corporate world.

The programme varies slightly each year, but will introduce the pupils to the graduate job market. The group and individual exercises undertaken replicate those used in graduate recruitment: these include seminars on CV and application forms, mini assessment centres and mock job interviews. The boys will also work together in groups on a variety of tasks, which will test their organisation, team working, leadership and presentational skills.

The aim of the course is that the boys have a greater awareness of the graduate recruitment process and have the skills needed to succeed when they leave Bolton School.

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