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Classics Jowett Sendelar Essay Competition 2015

For Year 9 and under: approximately 1500 – 2500 words. Illustrations (with captions) are welcome. 


If Greek or Roman society had been devoid of any religious activity, what specific impact would this have had on those societies and their legacy to the modern world?

In your answer you should refer to the advantages and disadvantages that Greek and Roman religion imposed; these may include reference to festivals, buildings, moral behaviour, literature and the economy.



A panel of characters from Homer’s Odyssey meet to discuss whether Odysseus should be allowed to retain his passport or have it revoked.

In your answer, you should discuss a range of characters and perspectives on the positive and negative effects of his travels and allow your characters to reach a final decision about his passport status.



Which ancient society, Athenian or Spartan, has more relevance to the modern world?

In your answer, you should identify what you think are the main traits of each society and relate them to the crucial issues of today. You may wish to consider warfare, attitudes to women and children, slavery, government and culture.



To what extent were writers of Greek tragedies justified in focussing on female characters within their plays?

In your answer you should refer to at least two Greek tragedies and consider the importance of the female characters to the plot, the themes of the play and its outcome. You may also wish to examine the appeal of female characters to an ancient and modern audience.



Which Roman emperor would you choose to bring back up from the Underworld and appoint as the Head of the European Union?

In your answer you should refer to the words and actions of your chosen emperor and consider them in the light of the European Union’s role in global politics at present and the needs of the European community. You could consider issues such as health, agriculture, trade, immigration and response to natural disasters in your answer


Submission of entries for 2015 Competition 

  • Candidates must put their name, date of birth and school on the FRONT COVER PAGE of their entries. This information should NOT be placed on the pages of the essay itself. 
  • The judges would like to see a bibliography or a list of the sources consulted. A word count should be given. 
  • Entries may be submitted electronically or by post. 

Electronic Submission

Entries should be submitted in Microsoft Word format only.  Please do not use difficult fonts (e.g. all capitals).

Entries should be emailed as attachments to jowettsendelar@boltonschool.org with the email subject ‘Jowett Sendelar Competition Entry 2015.  Please include the address of your school in the email for the mailing of any prizes awarded. 

By Post

Entries MUST be in A4 paper format, printed or written, in black or blue ink. Please do not use difficult fonts (e.g. all capitals).

Entries should be marked “Jowett Sendelar Essay Competition” and sent to: Dr J. Reeson, Bolton School Boys’ Division, Chorley New Road, Bolton, Lancashire BL1 4PA. The closing date for entries is 31st August 2015.  Please feel free to submit entries before this deadline.  Candidates will be notified in the Spring Term 2016.

Please attach a stamped addressed envelope for the return of scripts, reports and any prizes.


Classics Lesson George Blackwell, Andrew Lee and Luke Cavanaugh

Bolton School Boys George Blackwell, Andrew Lee and Luke Cavanaugh were successful in the 2014 competition

Classics lesson