"While at school I had so many opportunities to participate in both the Senior Choir and Chamber Choir, and the Music Department regularly held informal concerts which were fantastic opportunities to perform."

Laurie Ashworth - Prize-Winning Opera Singer

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The admissions process for Bolton School Boys' Division is overseen and managed by the Deputy Head (Admissions and Achievement), Dr Fraser Mullins and the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Susan Yates. They can be contacted at School at any point should you wish to discuss any element of entry to the Boys' Senior School (telephone: 01204 840201). All...

Why Choose an All-Boys School?

Research and studies suggest these are difficult times to be a boy. Girls tend to perform better than them academically throughout each key stage of a school career and the gap is widening. Seventy per cent of women now progress to university compared to only 50% of men. I can't help believing that the dramatic decline in the number of single-sex...