"Three years ago I was undereducated, underachieving and underestimated. The bursary at Bolton School meant that I had a chance at changing my life. It offered me new blueprints for the future, and I saw endless possibilities."

Niomi, Former Pupil

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School Stars in Last Tango in Halifax Again!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bolton School is, once again, being utilised as the school at which Sarah Lancashire’s character, the Headmistress in The Last Tango in Halifax, presides.

Red Production Company’s second series of the BAFTA-winning comedy drama began last week and is being shown at 9.00pm on Tuesday evenings on BBC One.  Allowance for the building of the Riley Sixth Form Centre, which was taking place earlier in the year when the filming took place, was made when it was weaved into the storyline. 

Last night’s episode saw the Headmaster’s Study being extensively used and the Boys’ Division Great Hall was also used in an assembly scene. All the pupils in the footage were our own!

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Sarah Lancashire at Bolton School in Last Tango in Halifax

Sarah Lancashire at Bolton School in Last Tango in Halifax

The boys

The boys' Great Hall was used for an assembly scence