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Year 10 Put Through Paces During Army Leadership Afternoon

Monday, 27 April 2015

During their latest SPACE Programme session, boys in Year 10 were put through their paces by members of the Army’s North West Outreach Team. The grueling Army Leadership Afternoon focused on improving the boys’ teamwork, leadership, problem solving, agility and fitness through a variety of tasks.

Some tested the boys’ physical condition: in ‘Gun Run’, they had to carry pieces of equipment representing the different parts of a canon from one end of the quad to the other, assembling it at each end, and complete a certain number of runs in the time limit. The ‘Stretcher Recovery’ and ‘Lake Placid’ tasks asked the boys to use logic and problem-solving, along with a lot of teamwork, to recover different items. A similar skill-set was used in the ‘Bridge Too Far’ task, where boys had to use just two planks and their own ingenuity to get the whole team across a series of small platforms.

One of the most interesting challenges of the day was the ‘Equipment Command Task’, during which the boys were quizzed about their knowledge of a soldier’s kit and learned more about just how much they would have to carry with them if they joined the army. After a brief talk, they were then expected to dress one of their number in the kit provided. With a five minute time limit and time penalties added for mistakes or forgotten items, the boys were under a lot of pressure to remember everything, but nonetheless enjoyed the experience of getting hands-on with the equipment.

These were just some of the challenges that the Year 10 boys faced throughout the afternoon. They tackled each task with a great attitude, and had lots of fun developing the soft skills that will be important for their future development.

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Boys used ropes to transport a loaded stretcher across a

Boys used ropes to transport a loaded stretcher across a 'pond'

A boy dons a helmet during the Equipment Command Task

A boy dons a helmet during the Equipment Command Task

The last man makes it across in the

The last man makes it across in the 'Bridge Too Far' task