"There is such a relaxed atmosphere in school, especially in the Sixth Form - all the teachers put in all their efforts to help get you through your exams, make the right university and career choices, and for you to reach your full potential."

April, Year 12

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School Councils

The Council System in the Boys' Division has been designed to involve all pupils in the decision making process. Three Councils ensure the fair representation of those in Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. These meet regularly to discuss the concerns of single boys, individual forms, whole year groups and even the larger issues which affect the whole school community.

They have been, to a large extent, responsible for a number of significant improvements in school, including:

  • The refurbishment of both toilet blocks in the Boys' Division
  • The introduction of the morning break Milk Bar in the Dining Hall
  • A wider and more varied selection of healthier foodstuffs in the vending machines
  • A review of the workings of the House System
  • Decisions in charity spending
  • Improved access to the Common Room and Learning Centre for the Sixth Form.

Boys, now able to more easily express their views, look forward to the many new and exciting projects the Councils are involved in each year.

You can view the Lower School Council's Constitution here.

pupils at school council