"The outstanding range of interesting and stimulating extra curricular activities provide excellent opportunities for pupils to take initiative and extend their capabilities. Throughout the school the personal development of pupils is exceptional."

Independent Schools’ Inspectorate, 2010 (Girls’ Division)

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The Careers team helps to prepare your daughter for the opportunities and responsibilities of adult life by offering her a varied and challenging programme throughout her education. We aim to encourage her self-development, facilitate career exploration and so enable her to make the choices that will lead to a fulfilling working life in the future.

The Team:

Mrs Beth Lowe, BA Manchester: Head of Department

Mrs Karen Knowles: Careers Assistant

Mrs Chris Sutcliffe: Careers Assistant.

Our Resources

The Careers room, which is staffed by our two full-time careers assistants, Mrs Knowles and Mrs Sutcliffe, and shared with the Boys' Division, contains an excellent bank of resources which can be accessed by your daughter throughout the day. Here she can consult prospectuses and a wide range of current publications as well as making use of DVDs, the Internet and software packages such as Kudos. Advice is available on numerous issues from education, training and employment, to scholarships, sponsorships and loans.

An Overview of our Programme

Year 7 Work Sampling: all girls spend a day in the work place of a family member or friend so that they can begin to become aware of the demands of different kinds of work.

This is what some of our Year 7 girls said about the experience: "I learnt that, wherever you go to work you will always have a lot of responsibilities but I had a great time"; "I learnt that the working day is not just about physical work, but also about people and working relationships"; "I was having so much fun I didn't want to go home!"

Year 8 Careers Day: in the post exam period, Year 8 spend a whole day looking at up to six different career areas. A short talk by a visiting speaker is then followed by a challenging activity drawing on the skills needed for a particular type of work. This year we were visited by a microbiologist, a business woman, two clothing designers, two engineers, an astrophysicist and an Old Girl working in the public sector who helps disadvantaged youngsters.

At the end of a busy day, one of the Year 8s wrote on her evaluation: "I thought the whole day was really fun and very interesting. I definitely learned a lot about different things - from business to bacteria!"

Year 9: all girls use the website www.brightknowledge.org to encourage them to consider how their interests and skills might lead them into a particular type of work and to research one career area in more detail. 

Year 10 Challenge Day: the whole year group is taken off timetable and the girls learn how to make a 10-shot film with "Young Film Academy". Designed to introduce them to this creative industry, the day allows them to practise team-working whilst exercising a variety of other skills and talents.

Year 11 Careers Interview: In the Autumn term, your daughter will have a one-to-one interview to discuss the results of the Morrisby test taken at the end of Year 10. Our aim is to provide the kind of support that will encourage her to make an independent and well-informed decision about her future. This will, in turn, help inform her A Level choices.

Work Experience: all girls in Years 10 and 11 are given the opportunity to arrange a work experience placement through the careers department to be carried out after GCSE exams or in the school holidays.

Sixth Form

The girls in the Sixth Form enjoy an extensive programme designed to help them:

  • Develop a wide range of transferable skills in readiness for the world of work
  • Build a better awareness of the business world
  • Develop interview skills
  • Make sensible choices about Higher Education and /or a career
  • Prepare a strong application for Higher Education
  • Understand how University finances work

The programme is delivered by outside speakers from the world of work and Higher Education as well as our own experienced teaching staff.

By clicking on the below link you can learn more about important information about higher education and the UCAS application process. 


Biennial Careers and Higher Education Convention: all girls from Year 9 upwards are invited to attend this event which is held jointly every two years with the Boys' Division in the Autumn Term.


Where do students go after Bolton School?

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Year 8 Day making an infra red telescope

Year 8 Day - making an infra red telescope

Senior Girls

Year 10 Film Day

Senior Girls

The winners of the Bentley Workshop are rewarded with a seat in a gleaming new Bentley, courtesy of Amy Durrant, Old Girl