"Our daughter’s progress in this last year has exceeded our greatest hopes and expectations. "

Parent, Junior Girls' School (Hesketh House)

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Art and Design


Advanced Level Art and Design aims to provide an all-round visual and aesthetic education.  You will have the opportunity to work in art and craft media in two and three dimensions.  This will be supported by contextual studies in the History of Art & Design.  You will produce a portfolio of your work.

What will I study?

All girls will have the opportunity to take AS and A2 in this subject.

Practical work emphasises recording from observation and the creative and imaginative development of a theme or themes.  Alongside this you will learn methods of printing, digital media, ceramics and other art disciplines. Contextual references in Art & Design will be studied to inform your own work.

How will I be assessed?

AS Level Art and Design
AS level involves one coursework component or ‘portfolio’ worth 60% of the AS marks. There is also an externally set assignment worth 40% of the AS marks.

A Level Art and Design
A Level involves one coursework component or ‘personal investigation’, which is supported by a 1,000-3,000 word written study. This component is worth 60% of the A Level marks. There is also an externally set assignment worth 40% of the A Level marks.

Desirable requirements

You should have an interest in the subject, good Art skills, plus Art GCSE or a portfolio of good work.  You should also be capable of independent, self-generated study.

How will I study?

The Art Department has excellent facilities and specialist equipment, which are also available for your use in free time.  You will do a wide variety of work in both Art and Craft-based media and, in the A Level course, you will be able to specialise in one or more areas if you wish.  You should also make independent visits to Art Exhibitions and look beyond the school environment for background research.

We arrange visits to London, local Art Galleries and Degree shows at local University Faculties of Art.  There is also the opportunity to attend seminars, lectures and courses.

Where will it lead?

For Art Specialists it will lead to Art & Design Foundation courses and Art & Design degrees in one of the very many Art Disciplines including Fine Art, Graphics, Three Dimensional Design, Textiles, Fashion and Product Design.

Careers using Art training include Museum and Conservation work, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Theatre Design, Graphic & Commercial Art, Interior Design, Fashion & Textile Design, and specialist occupations such as Silversmiths, Art Therapists and Art & Technology teachers.


“I am currently studying Art, Chemistry and Geography. It was a struggle for me starting Sixth Form, as the jump from GCSE to A Level was particularly challenging. However, my interest and love for Art hasn't changed. What I love about it is that you don't have to be at an A* Level for the skills, you just have to enjoy it and put effort into it (and 9 times out of 10 you will be surprised about how far this gets you)!  For me, Art is my 'Oasis' subject.”