"At a time when we are often told reading is in decline, I can’t tell you how much pleasure the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award gave me (and all the other authors)."

Tamsyn Murray, Author

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Grasmere Camp

This camp was held at Bolton Holidays in Grasmere and was the annual camp of the Junior School. The 1935 photos are from Bernard Harrison's photograph album and were loaned for copying by his son Peter (PJH). You can spot the following as young men: F R Poskitt, Alan Walsh, Bernard Harrison, Pip Porter, Jack Howard as well as Messrs Sayers and Jenkins and Sgt Somerville. On the station you may spot a 10 year old Derrick Shaw.

Grasmere Camp 2Grasmere Camp 2Alan Mitchell and boys
Grasmere Camp 4Grasmere Camp 4Staff 1935
Grasmere Camp 5Grasmere Camp 5Bolton Station 1935
Grasmere Camp 6Grasmere Camp 6Mr Walsh inspects 1935
Grasmere Camp 7Grasmere Camp 7Ready for inspection 1935
Grasmere Camp 8Grasmere Camp 8The campsite 1935
Grasmere Camp 9Grasmere Camp 9Hilltop group 1935