Bolton School Former Pupils

Martin Wadsworth's Heads of Department Quiz

Below is a Bolton School themed pub quiz round, with a Boys' Division Head of Department from the last fifty years hidden in every answer! How many can you identify?

1. What is the name of dictionary that is recognised as the number one choice for crossword setters and solvers?
2. Which company was founded in Oldham in 1884; it lays claim to being the country’s oldest pub chain, though its name suggests one particular tipple?
3. Who is Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick?
4. Is it a roofer? Is it a brewery? Is it a politician?
5. What is the name of the iconic British car marque famed for its vehicles being assembled by hand and featuring wood?
6. This knighted TV personality, writer, host and satirist died in 2013.
7. This actor and singer starred in wire in the blood and topped the charts in a duo with a former Jimmy Young and Righteous Brothers song.
8. What is a citizen freeman of an English borough?
9. Gary’s crisps?
10. Name these two iconic American musicians who share a surname, one a country music singer, the other a drumming jazz band leader.
11. Which word means to control by surrounding and prevent from moving, usually by the police?
12. What is the name of a Microsoft web browser?
13. This Merseyside borough including Southport.
14. If a silver wedding anniversary is 25th; golden is 50th; what is 2nd?
15. Which American 19th century poet wrote the song of Hiawatha?
16. If you went from St John’s Wood to Westminster, which two homonymous venues would you be visiting?
17. Who was the comedy writer who wrote Billy Liar and wrote many TV programmes with Willis Hall?
18. What connects an area of Oldham and one of Ireland’s greatest playwrights?
19. This small elegant aerial insect catcher can be house or sand.
20. Which animal is vulpine?

Check here for answers.