Bolton School Former Pupils

Brian Hudson (1972-1979)

Brian wrote to School recently with memories of several of his teachers, whose influence has endured throughout his life:

Chemistry - Colin Chambers

"So many stories about him. He taught us the electrochemical series by taking various elements/salts and putting them in a pot together and heating them up. "How do we find out? Let's put them in the ring to fight it out" was his catchphrase. He once got us to electrolyse some water and collect the hydrogen and oxygen into separate tubes. Later, he filled a big plastic bottle with hydrogen and oxygen. We then went out onto the levels and he hung the bottle off the goalposts, attached a battery to it and then blew it up. We then each got a strip of litmus paper and were sent out to the shattered bottle to find some liquid in it and show that it was water."

Music - Norman Harper 

"As I remember, Norman was a new teacher. Rather than the 1 hour per week banging drums and hitting triangles and other horrendous noises, he wanted to teach music properly and to do the O Level exam. In order to do that within two years, we would have to drop some other subjects to fit the timetable. A difficult decision, but in hindsight, one of my better ones. I'm more happy with my C in music than all the A grades I got in science. A few of us had guitar lessons with Neil Smith in the room up the stairs. To be in such a small space and listening to Leyenda or Recuerdos being played to us by a very top concert guitarist: fabulous."