Bolton School Former Pupils

John Anderson (1957-1967)

John remembers when, back in 1963, he and six other Sixth Form boys (Andrew Park, John Martins, Nicholas Holding, David Hodgson, Roger Lees and Ted McAvoy) saved up the then massive sum of £60 and bought a 10-ton working steam roller from Bickerstaffe, near Ormskirk.

“We drove the roller to School for Speech Day 1966 and were late for assembly due to a water shortage on the road.  As we rumbled and thundered through the main arch, morning assembly was just concluding and the whistle was ‘accidentally’ blown.  Dozens of faces appeared at the windows of the Great Hall above us and a few moments later the Headmaster, Mr F R Poskitt, and a Sergeant came striding purposefully towards us.  We thought that we were ‘in for it’.  

However, on enquiring what we thought we were doing and receiving our apologies for being late and causing a commotion, followed by the explanation that we had brought the roller to School for Speech Day, the Head hopped on to the footplate and we drove him down to the cricket pavilion, to grins all round.”


Top row (L-R): John Anderson, Andrew (Andy) Park; Nicholas (Nick) Holding Bottom row L-R): Roger (Prof) Lees, John Martins, Edward (Teddy) McAvoy, David (Hoddy) Hodgson