Bolton School Former Pupils

Jonathan Harrison (1979-1990)

Jonathan wrote in April 2014, with his memories of life at Park Road.  

"What to remember? Mr James in his ice-cream outfit at school fairs? Calling art teacher Mr Lomax “mum”? The time I cracked my head open scoring a great goal on the playground at lunchtime? Games of pirates in P.E. where we had all the apparatus out and played what was essentially a game of tig? Standing under the clock outside Mr James’ office? (Obviously this wasn’t too regular an occurrence for me!)

"Now in my early 40s, a teacher of music at the largest primary school in Cumbria, and a worship leader in a Cumbrian church, it has become obvious that my early years at Park Road definitely inspired the musician in me.

"Mrs Roberts was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm standing behind the piano, leading us in the songs from the BBC Music Makers series. I remember standing in the hall as a whole class of boys and having to learn to play the violin at the age of seven. What a saint she must have been to put up with that!

"Then there were trips to music festivals where we expected to win first prize, and more often than not we did. Singing John Rutter’s ‘Nativity Carol’ at every carol service, and learning to sing harmonies and in parts for the first time.

"Yes, these early years at Park Road definitely brought out the musician in me.

"My other passion over most of my lifetime has been reading. Mr H M Harrison finished each day with a story. I can’t remember other teachers reading to us, but I can remember listening to “Herbert” reading ‘Three Men in a Boat’, ‘The Little Grey Men’, and many other stories. As soon as I had heard them, I wanted to visit the library and read them for myself.

"So my memories of Park Road are of many times and people, but other thirty years later my love of music and reading were most definitely inspired and started there. Now my own children have inherited the same passions and, I hope, I am inspiring generations of children in Barrow-in-Furness to be as musical as Park Road inspired me to be.

"However, no violins in whole classes for me!"