Bolton School Former Pupils

Malcolm Stevens (1946-1957)

Malcolm sent us his reminsicences of life at Park Road in January 2014

"Because I missed a large portion of the 1946-1947 school year because of illness, I was always behind the main academic front. My progress was stuttering at best and, because of a mischievous tendency, often found myself standing ‘under the clock’ after school when the head, the unsmiling Mr Walsh, dispensed corporal punishment with ruler or strap. It didn’t do me any lasting harm – or reformed me for the better for that matter.

"I have fond memories of my class teacher (Mrs Cook) who, at the end of each week told a story, mainly of heroic historical figures such as Joan of Arc or Nelson. My particular favourite was the saga of the Greek King Leonidas and his trusty 300 warriors who held off King Xerxes and his Persian army at the Pass of Thermopylae. I yearned to be a hero myself some day but, sadly, it wasn’t to be."