Bolton School Former Pupils

Pamela Adams (former Girls' Division Staff, 1962-1973)

Pamela now lives in Tasmania, Australia, and wrote after receiving the Spring 2014 edition of the Old Girls' Newsletter, after recognising herself in a photograph published therein:

"The black and white photo of the Staff Room [pictured right] includes me - I am near the bottom looking at the camera. My husband says he would recognise those knees anywhere.

"The photo is rather too small for me to identify many faces but I think I can see Mr Fisher and Sheila Stocks half way along the left side. Any chance of identifying the others?  I’d love to be able to make out Miss Falla, Mrs Shuttleworth and Miss Pilsbury who ‘always’ sat at the far end with their back to the window - woe betide anyone who presumed to take ‘their’ chairs!

"Pecking order was everything in those days. I well remember that when I returned to the Girls' Division as Head of Geography after a year away in California with my husband on a post doc scholarship to Caltech, I was ‘allowed’ to sit on the front row of chairs at Staff Meetings, rather than amongst the unruly on the back row!

"When Judith Starkey (now Babb) and I started on the same day in 1962 Miss Ford, the formidable Deputy Head, took us on one side and told us that ‘No member of the Bolton School Staff is ever seen in the town without a hat and gloves’. This was a tall order for me, as my only hat was a crash helmet worn as my husband roared me through the arch every day in my black leathers on his 750 Thunderbird motor bike."

The Girls Division Staff Room in the 1960s

The Girls' Division Staff Room in the 1960s