Bolton School Former Pupils

Ruth Glover (1972-1979)

Ruth recalls an anecdote of her time at Bolton School.

I was a pupil of Bolton School and had the opportunity to go on a skiing trip to Andorra.  The route involved travelling through Spain.  As it happened, my mother (also an Old Girl of the School) was attending a Roman Archaeology trip to Spain at the same time.  She thought it would be amusing to send me a spoof post card from a ‘Beloved Fernando’, postmarked in Spain.  This card, in flowery romantic language, went on to describe how devastated he was not to be able to meet me from the plane, how his heart was breaking etc.  This open postcard was sent to my hotel in Andorra.  As if this weren't bad enough, it arrived after we had left to return to Bolton.  So the good innkeepers forwarded this card to the staffroom at Bolton School.  I do not know what impact it had there, I can only imagine!

I remember that when I was playing tennis, attempting to serve (never my best point), one of the sports teachers approached me and asked who Beloved Fernando was.  On seeing the handwriting I recognised my mother’s handwriting and declared it was my mother.  The more I insisted the less J was believed.

On my return home, I confronted my mum who burst into laughter and did not take my chagrin seriously.

So Bolton School, you are responsible for raising someone with a wicked sense of humour!