Bolton School Former Pupils

Stephen Wallen (1958-1968)

In response to the request in the Autumn Bugle for memories of Sergeants, Stephen has sent in his on Sergeant Hickey:

Most people will remember Sergeant Hickey as a shaved-headed, scary person who sold Blue Ribbon biscuits at morning break.  I also remember him that way, but it is him that I have to thank for introducing me to the drinking of tea.  I wasn't feeling well one day at School, so I was sent to Sergeant and he gave me a cup of tea which then I did not like – but how could I dare to tell him that I did not drink tea because I didn't like the taste?  Ever since that cup of tea I have enjoyed many on a daily basis.

I also have to thank Sergeant Hickey for allowing me to keep my hens on his allotment at the Woodlands where he lived before it was demolished for housing.  In my eyes Sergeant Hickey was truly a very generous and kind person with a gruff exterior and I feel I have much to thank him for.