"I can’t recommend this school highly enough. I have seen my three boys pass through the Boys’ Division and all have achieved outstandingly well."

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From School to Scalpel

Monday, 23 March 2015

Old Girl Dr Julia Sarginson returned to Bolton School to deliver a fascinating lecture entitled “From School to Scalpel” as part of the Girls’ Division’s Enrichment Programme.

Having attended the School from 1990-2001, Julia then studied Medicine at University College London and graduated as a doctor in 2007. She looked back on her schooldays with great affection, believing herself to be very lucky and privileged to have attended such an institution, saying: “There is no doubt that this school helped set me up for my life in Medicine and gave me the confidence to do what I do now.” 

She told the audience of parents and pupils, many of which had applied to study Medicine at university later this year, how, after completing her early medical jobs and core surgical training in Devon, she now lives in Bristol with her husband and specialises in Plastic Surgery.  She vividly described both the challenges and opportunities that a life in medicine can bring, illustrating many of her points with an eclectic mix of photographs, artwork and personal anecdotes. Whilst explaining what drove her to take the path she has followed, she also offered lots of useful advice on other career options in medicine. 

As part of the PhD at the University of Bristol which she is studying for, she is currently conducting a large hospital-based research study to understand the recovery pathways and prognosis for children who sustain burn injuries. 

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Dr Sarginson is welcomed back to Bolton School by the Headmistress and Deputy-Head Girls

Dr Sarginson is welcomed back to Bolton School by the Headmistress and Deputy-Head Girls

Drawing upon personal anecdotes, photographs and artwork, Dr Sarginson painted a vivid picture of a life in Medicine