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Old Boy Joins Local Family Firm

Friday, 13 May 2022

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Old Boy Lucas Gaynor (Class of 2008) recently joined Bolton firm Taylor & Taylor Financial Planning, led by Old Boys Chris and Ross Taylor (Classes of 1973 and 2004 respectively), after being inspired by the firm’s support for, and grounding in, the local community.  Lucas was one of the earliest recipients of support from the School’s bursary scheme, and reflects here on how that opportunity has shaped his adult life.   

I joined Bolton School in 2001 from Fourgates Primary School, Westhoughton. Several generations of boys from my family have attended Bolton School: my great-uncle Keith Washington (Class of 1963) and his son, Richard (Class of 1993); my uncle Stephen McDonough (Class of 1984) and my cousin Daniel Caulfield (Class of 2005). My mum raised me on her own, and when I took up my place at Bolton School I was in receipt of almost a full bursary.

I think I benefited immeasurably from my time at Bolton School. Not only in terms of the exceptional level of education available to me, but also the values it instilled in me. As a teenager growing up, being a generally nice, kind, polite person - none of those things are very cool, but everyone at the School ensured all of us understood their importance.  My teachers inspired in me a confidence and self-belief that enabled me to be myself.  The temptation is to just fall in line and be a sheep, but as corny as it sounds, Bolton School gave me the belief that it’s perfectly acceptable to be yourself, and to have independent thought.  Just as importantly, I think my time at Bolton instilled in me the value of always striving to do better: not doing the bare minimum to get by, but aiming to do the absolute best you can.

Whilst at School, I played in the School Football team every year and then in the Second and Third XIs during the Sixth Form, as well as being on the Tennis and Badminton teams.  My best friend at School was Daniel Harrison, who was sadly killed, along with Jonny Sharples, just before the Christmas of our final year in the Sixth Form. Caspar Joseph, our Head of Sixth Form, was fantastic in the wake of that tragedy: he put his arms around the whole of the Sixth Form  and made sure everyone was OK.  Mr Joseph was an inspirational teacher, too: he taught me for History for a couple of years and instilled in me the ethos that if you put the effort in, you’ll reap the rewards: a work ethic which has stood me in good stead ever since.

After leaving School, I studied Business Management at Nottingham University. Immediately after graduating  I joined H J Scott & Co in Bolton where I spent ten years, firstly as an Investment Analyst and then later qualifying as an Investment Manager.

In March this year,  I joined Taylor & Taylor as a Financial Planner, where I fully intend to spend the rest of my career.  Ross and Chris’ passion for the firm and its work is palpable: I met with them a few times before accepting the job and on each occasion their infectious enthusiasm and inspired me to want to join them.  Another huge selling point for joining the firm was its presence in the community, through sponsorship of local activities and its support of local charities, including the Bolton School Bursary Fund. I think a huge part of working in the community where you live is giving back and was heartened that Chris and Ross feel the same. 

I absolutely love the life I’ve built with my fiancé Leonie and job I have and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I owe both of these to my bursary place at Bolton School. Considering how much I have benefited from Bolton School, the opportunity to reaffirm that link in a way through my new role at T&T is very exciting.

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