Bolton School Former Pupils


We hope that you enjoyed reading the Autumn editions of The Bugle and The Old Girls’ Newsletter.

We are now starting to gather material for the Spring edition of the Newsletter, so please let us know if you have any news to share. Everyone enjoys reading about their former classmates and teachers, so whatever you have been up to, including any informal reunions, please get in touch at And don't forget to send in your photos too! 


Old Girls' Newsletters

Current Edition - Autumn 2017


Old Girls' Newsletter - Spring 2017

Old Girls' Newsletter - Autumn 2016 

Old Girls' Newsletter - Spring 2016

Old Girls' Newsletter - Autumn 2015


The Bugle 

Current Edition - Autumn 2017 


The Bugle - Spring 2017

The Bugle - Autumn 2016

The Bugle - Spring 2016

The Bugle - Autumn 2015