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Find Your Path - Old Boltonians' Mentoring Scheme

The 'Find Your Path' mentoring scheme was established in 2017 by a group of Old Boltonians keen to pass on their experience to recent leavers, enabling them to leverage the knowledge and contacts of the Old Boy network to their professional advantage.

The scheme is offered to all young Old Bolts seeking support and guidance on their journey into work. All of the mentors involved have been chosen personally, and have a wealth of experience which they are willing to offer to their fellow Old Boltonians for free.

Since the scheme began, almost 50 Old Boys have taken advantage of the bespoke support and guidance offered by mentors, including personal introductions to industry experts, assistance with interview technique and preparation, and tailored CV development.​ Every mentee who takes part in the programme is matched individually with a mentor chosen for them as a 'good fit', to ensure they receive the support they need.

Taking your first step on the career ladder is a big task and finding the right opening does not come easily. Talking to Old Boltonians who have a lifetime’s experience in a particular field can provide very valuable insights, helping you to make the right choice and providing you with real support in finding the right job.

If you are starting to consider your next steps, and would welcome tailored support from an Old Boy mentor through the Find Your Path scheme, please email  

Testimonial by Mentee Akul Pankhania (2008-2015)

I have just finished university with a lot of debt and no job or any idea of what I would like to do. It is quite a lonely reality being faced by a lot of graduates across the country. Luckily, a couple of weeks before my last exam, I received an email from the Headmaster of Bolton School advertising this post university mentoring scheme. With so many talented people going through the system at Bolton School, The Alumni Network must be a ‘hall of fame’ for success in the world of work.

To have access to a mentoring scheme like this is a unique opportunity to put you head and shoulders above the thousands of graduates looking for a job. I was assigned a mentor who has put the effort into getting to know me as a person and keeping in touch, by text, by phone and in person. It has been really great to have someone with such a wealth of work experience to help me plan out my career goals and how I will get there.

In the space of six weeks, I have gone from literally not having a clue. I nearly ended up rushing at a sales job I was offered. To then carefully planning a career path for the next 10 years and networking with the big accountancy firms. I have also been offered two interviews with the Civil Service and an interview with one of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms. Two great careers I would like to follow.

The best thing about the mentoring scheme is the direction it has given me and also the ambitious mindset it has ignited in me. I now know from experience that it is easy to clutch at straws after university and feel daunted and overwhelmed by the job hunt. Now, I am enjoying the ride and feel that the future is very bright regardless of where that is!

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