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Find Your Path - Old Boltonians' Mentoring Scheme

The 'Find Your Path' mentoring scheme was established in 2017 by a group of Old Boltonians keen to pass on their experience to recent leavers, enabling them to leverage the knowledge and contacts of the Old Boy network to their professional advantage.

The scheme is offered to all young Old Bolts seeking support and guidance on their journey into work. All of the mentors involved have been chosen personally, and have a wealth of experience which they are willing to offer to their fellow Old Boltonians for free.

Since the scheme began, over 70 Old Boys have taken advantage of the bespoke support and guidance offered by mentors, including personal introductions to industry experts, assistance with interview technique and preparation, and tailored CV development.​ Every mentee who takes part in the programme is matched individually with a mentor chosen for them as a 'good fit', to ensure they receive the support they need.

Taking your first step on the career ladder is a big task and finding the right opening does not come easily. Talking to Old Boltonians who have a lifetime’s experience in a particular field can provide very valuable insights, helping you to make the right choice and providing you with real support in finding the right job.

If you are starting to consider your next steps, and would welcome tailored support from an Old Boy mentor through the Find Your Path scheme, please email  


George Morgan (Class of 2018)

George joined the scheme during his third year of studying Material Science and Engineering at Imperial College London, seeking a mentor to help him with the choice of what to do after graduation. George's mentor helped him to look at the various options available to him - from various employment industries to further education - considering which would be best suited to his skills and interests. As a result, George has enrolled at the University of Oxford to study a PhD. 

When reflecting on how the scheme helped, George noted that he is extremely grateful to his mentor for the invaluable advice and guidance on making his next step decision. 

Thaw Chit (Class of 2017)

After joining the scheme part way through his time at university, Thaw has worked closely with his mentor to leverage his position as an employable candidate: drawing on the expertise of his mentor for CV and interview advice, navigating graduate job and internship applications - successfully gaining a summer internship as a result. 

Muhiyud-Dean Mirza (Class of 2017)

Muhiyud-Dean joined the scheme during the final year of his Maths degree at the University of Warwick, and found working with his mentor an extremely rewarding experience. His mentor was able to connect him with professionals working in the industries he was considering, and also opened his eyes to several industries of which he hadn’t previously been aware, including Consultancy.  From knowing nothing of how a Maths degree could translate to a career in Consulting, Muhiyud-Dean has now secured a job offer from Kubrick, a consultancy firm specialising in data, which he will start in October 2021. 

Throughout the scheme, Muhiyud-Dean found it extremely helpful to be able to seek advice from someone outside his family network.  Muhiyud-Dean’s parents work in entirely different occupations, and thus weren’t able to offer informed guidance on how he could make best use of his Maths degree. Being paired with a mentor with similar interests, with a network of connections in related fields, has thus proven invaluable. 

Alastair Ahamed (Class of 2016)

Alastair joined the scheme during his final year reading Law at Somerville College, Oxford, in order to improve his interview skills.  He subsequently met his mentor for a “mock” interview, which covered those questions likely to be asked in an interview for a training contract with a commercial law firm: Alastair’s goal.  Using his mentor’s feedback, Alastair successfully interviewed for a training contract in the London office of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, a US law firm that specialises in Corporate Law. 

Rishi Datta (Class of 2016)

Rishi joined the scheme in the Summer of 2020 after his year abroad in Germany came to an abrupt end as a result of the pandemic. As he entered his final year at Kings College London, studying Management and German, Rishi – conscious of the highly competitive graduate market in his chosen sector - sought support from a mentor to help consider his options and successfully navigate the applications process. His mentor, Peter, helped him to broaden his focus, personally introducing him to several established professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, giving Rishi a valuable insight into the changing graduate market and also the confidence to pursue his own passions as a career option. After much dedicated support from Peter with crafting his CV and practicing his interview technique, Rishi successfully secured a role upon his graduation as an Assistant Cricket Competition Manager for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Farhan Chhabu (Class of 2015)

Farhan joined the mentoring program in June 2017, as he neared the end of his second year studying Economics at UCL. He was clear he was interested in a career in Strategic Consulting, knew it was very competitive, and needed more information about how the sector worked from the perspective of an insider. Through his Find Your Path mentor, he gained an introduction to a partner at Oliver Wyman, and subsequently secured a job as a junior consultant in London with Roland Berger, one of the world’s leading Strategic Consulting groups. 

Thomas Chia (Class of 2015)

Thomas had graduated from university and was working as a Graduate Accountant at Deloitte in their auditing group when he first joined the mentoring scheme. Approaching the conclusion of his accountancy exams, Thomas was considering various career alternatives; his mentor, David, a seasoned veteran of the corporate finance sector, was able to offer Thomas tailored advice, experience-based answers and access to his personal network of contacts in support of his interest in developing his career. This gave Thomas a better understanding of the process of moving jobs and allowed him a greater insight into future potential roles.

Since then, David has continued to offer Thomas invaluable support and advice as he builds his career at Deloitte. At the end of 2020, David supported Thomas in his preparations for a pitch to Partners to secure funding to develop the machine learning and AI tools he had built to aid the firm in better understanding its audit clients, assisting Thomas to ensure his presentation made a strong impact on his audience. This was a steep learning process. As a result, Thomas was named as Deloitte’s UK Machine Learning and AI lead, and was granted funding to develop firm-leading software that outperforms anything being used elsewhere in the global firm.

Thomas is now concerned to maintain the momentum from his newly won profile within Deloitte, and is keen to use David’s experience going forward.

Akul Pankhania (Class of 2015)

Wanting to understand how best to make the move from education to employment, Akul joined the mentoring scheme just before his graduation with a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from the University of York. His mentor offered him access to his own professional network, and has given him tailored guidance in preparation for job applications and interviews. Akul wanted to stay close to his family in the Greater Manchester area and initially achieved a graduate position with KPMG. Using the knowledge gained from the programme and with the support of his mentor, he subsequently switched roles to work for a growing commercial business services company, and more recently this year again into the Housing sector, where his strengths have been recognised and he has been given the flexibility to thrive.  The Find Your Path scheme has helped Akul to define what a ‘good job’ means for him – namely, the ability to find a work-life balance which accommodates his religious, family and sporting commitments alongside his professional responsibilities.  

Ben Crossland (Class of 2014)

After completing a degree in International Relations at St Andrew's, Ben sought the support of a mentor in navigating the unfamiliar steps onto the career ladder. After assessing the opportunities available to him with his mentor, Ben was able to move forward with clarity, securing a role with a Digital Marketing start-up in London.  

Alex Greenhalgh (Class of 2014)

Alex sought guidance from a mentor with entrepreneurial experience as he established a social enterprise tackling homelessness during his final year reading Industrial Economics at the University of Nottingham; three years later, they continue to talk and meet regularly. Alex has since grown the social enterprise into an international charity group and also develops start-ups for Amazon, and credits the counsel he receives from his mentor as integral to the success of both his charity group and the career he currently enjoys.

Nick Davies (Class of 2011)

Having graduated with a First in Modern and Medieval Languages from Trinity Hall, Cambridge, Nick – the scheme’s first mentee – wanted to improve his understanding of what day-to-day life looked like across certain professions. With his mentor’s guidance, Nick used the network to discuss career options with a number of experienced individuals across a range of industries. He ultimately decided to become a chartered accountant - a particular career path that would give him a valuable qualification, whilst retaining flexibility and optionality for the future. With support drafting a CV, meeting experienced professionals, and preparing for interviews, Nick secured a place on the Deloitte LLP graduate scheme. He then moved on to a career in corporate finance and private equity.



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