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Bursary Testimonials

Click to read testimonials from some of our bursary recipients over the past five years, reflecting on their time and experiences at Bolton School. 

  • I am eternally grateful for your support over the past few years, my time here has been absolutely amazing and I have had the opportunity to experience things I wouldn't have been able to elsewhere

  • I wholly believe that if I didn’t attend Bolton School, I wouldn’t have reached my full potential, and that is why I am very grateful that the Bursary Fund gave me the opportunity to do so

  • My education at Bolton School has allowed me to realise my talents, develop my self-confidence, and has inspired me to achieve success in my future career.

  • The bursary has inspired me to enjoy all aspects the school has to offer.

  • I have been extremely grateful for the bursary and for the chance to be a part of Bolton School.

  • It goes without saying that a bursary has given me an opportunity to succeed in the future which, coming from my background, I would not have had without it.

  • I don’t think the small, nervous boy so unsure of what to expect would realise that in seven years’ time he’d look back so fondly at the experiences, memories and friendships he’d made.

  • ...the additional sessions regarding jobs and work-life have benefited me greatly as they have provided me with a greater insight into the world of work and helped to develop soft skills...