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Bursary Testimonials

Read what some of our bursary recipients and their parents have to say about Bolton School:

Oscar’s Bursary is life changing for him. It is an opportunity for a brilliant education but also for “all the other stuff” that Bolton do for their boys with clubs, trips, team-building and helping to develop tomorrow’s adults really well. During lockdown, school has excelled.

Boys' Division Senior School Parent

We will be eternally grateful for the help that the bursary scheme offers to both our boys. Neither of them take this help for granted and both always try to honour this by achieving the best they can.

Our sons have been able to fulfil the drive and need they have within them at Bolton School. In our opinion, no other school would have been able to allow them to achieve this. Indeed we returned from Spain after three months because of this. Whichever paths they take, it is down to the bursary scheme which has allowed them to attend Bolton School.

Boys' Division Senior School Parents

Two of our children have very generous bursaries at Bolton School and we are grateful for those. It has provided them with many opportunities, to study subjects that are not available in the state sector and also to experience a larger range of sporting activities and beautiful surroundings, not to mention the aspirational culture of the school which fits very well with the work ethic we aim to impart to our children at home. We have also found a lovely welcome among other parents. We would not have been able to send them without the bursary funding. Bolton School is for people from any background, not just for the wealthy.

Parent of a Bursary Pupil

Three years ago I was undereducated, underachieving and underestimated. The bursary at Bolton School meant that I had a chance at changing my life. It offered me new blueprints for the future, and I saw endless possibilities. Whatever my results would be, they are nothing compared to the development I know I have had as a person.

Niomi, Former Pupil

The opportunity to attend Bolton School as a result of the bursary policy has meant that staff and his peers have been able to stretch and challenge our son across all subjects which may not have happened in a state school. He has had access to a range of cultural activities and sporting activities that we (as parents) could not have afforded to provide for him such as music lessons (where bursary monies are also available) and which have all helped to improve his cultural and social capital as well as embed his learning. These experiences and mixing with other peers who also have a strong work ethic have helped to raise his aspirations and allowed him to make use of his merits in a way which would not have been possible at any other school in the geographical area. His bursary status has always been anonymous and he has never felt any stigma attached to the status from his peers or teachers. Bolton School continues to offer additional cultural and sporting activities which are inclusive of the fees that are paid eg free travel to and from school sporting events. For those who are unable to pay the full or prohibitive costs of school trips (eg ski trips) there may be financial support available which permits full inclusion or levelling-up for all students. The School’s response to the COVID crisis has been first-class with on-line learning and assessment continuing and communication with parents outstanding as always. We have never regretted our decision to send our son to Bolton School. He has thrived and made many life-long friends.

Parent of a Bursary Pupil

I have undoubtedly benefitted from my time at Bolton School, it has made me more disciplined in my work but I have also become more confident in who I am and in my abilities. I have been lucky enough to have been in receipt of a full bursary for 7 years and it is hard to express everything that this has done for me. Perhaps the simplest way to express it is that I am simultaneously reluctant to leave and excited for what the future may hold.

Jessica, Old Girl studying Politics at Lancaster University

I have had so many superb moments throughout my school career, but what most stands out is the consistently outstanding standard of teaching I have been lucky to experience. Frankly, without the bursary scheme I would not have been able to be a pupil at this school for my A-Levels. Thankfully, I was here for the last two years and due to hard work and amazing teaching I have been offered an unconditional from Lancaster to study History. After university I would like to become a sports journalist, thus combining my passions for sport, writing and research. I am incredibly grateful for the education I have received at this wonderful institution.

Lee, Old Boy studying History at Lancaster University

In the Summer of 2018, my son Oscar was very lucky to be offered a bursary at Bolton School. We had worked hard for this chance – and we are grateful every day for the opportunity that attending Bolton has already given Oscar - and he's only just started Year 7! As his lone parent, I am hugely relieved to see how Oscar has felt totally embraced by the School, and noted how the school go out of their way daily to ensure that all children have the same opportunities, regardless of their financial background. I tell him EVERY day of the great opportunities that going to Bolton School offers him for his future, and will ensure he maximises that! One of the main reasons that Bolton School appealed to me as a parent was that if focuses on more than just academic qualifications. I wanted Oscar to be developed as an individual ready to face a tough world in a balanced way, which means a lot more than just qualifications nowadays.

Miss Ruth Robson, Parent

Bolton School’s generous bursary has enabled me to continue my studies here in the sixth form. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunities to engage in Community Action within the school and with Bolton-based organisations. I appreciate the opportunities I have been given to study at this supportive school and am eager to give back to my community.

The small class sizes have been beneficial in maximising the support from my teachers and increasing my passion for my subjects. I’ve been able to help with running clubs for younger pupils and have been a peer mentor for a year. The arts and science evening lectures which I regularly attend have broadened my knowledge base and allowed me to gain an insight into a variety of subjects which I would not have thought to explore.

The friendly atmosphere of Bolton School has enabled my academic and social progression. I have had the room to grow and develop crucial skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork throughout my time here. As I now look to my next steps in life at University, I am confident that my academic abilities and social skills which I have developed at Bolton School will get me far in life. Without the financial aid from the school, this would not have been possible for me and many others in similar positions. I am very grateful for the experiences I have had as a Bolton School pupil.

Year 13 Bursary Recipient, Girls' Division

When I first visited Bolton School only a few months after immigrating to the UK from Pakistan, I was captivated by the atmosphere I saw, but felt that studying here was somehow out of reach for me. Looking back I am extremely grateful that this feeling turned out to be misplaced – I settled into the rhythm of school life very quickly and was able to take advantage of the truly excellent opportunities it provides.

My father is a doctor working in the NHS, and the only earner in my family. He initially struggled to support the expenses of my education, so the assistance provided by the school in the form of a 45% bursary helped ensure that I was able to continue at the school through to Sixth Form.

I am now working towards achieving my offer to study Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at King’s College London.

Bilal, Girls' Division Year 13