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Leverhulme Centenary Scholarship Awards

The Leverhulme Centenary Scholarship Award was established in 2015 in honour of the Centenary of the School. In continuation of that scheme, Bolton School will award four such Scholarships in 2019 across the two Divisions.

The purpose of the Leverhulme Scholarship Award is to provide financial support over a period of three years for university for a Bolton School pupil who:

  • has achieved a high measure of success in his/her A2 examinations (at least AAA*)
  • is planning to attend a University in the United Kingdom
  • requires financial support to meet the costs of a University course

Recipients of the Award will receive three annual instalments of £5,000, paid directly to them every October, beginning in October 2019. To receive these funds, the award-holder will be required to provide evidence to Bolton School that (s)he is enrolled and undertaking a university degree course in the given year. Payment will not be made otherwise. In subsequent years, the Selection Board will also assess the progress and continuing eligibility of the current Leverhulme Centenary Scholars.

Applicants for the Award should complete the appropriate form and submit it in hard copy format by 4.00pm on Thursday 22 August 2019 (one week after the release of the A2 results). Submissions made after this date will not be considered. Applications should be left at the School’s main Reception for the attention of:

Boys’ Division – Mrs Jayne Higham, Headmaster’s PA
Girls’ Division – Miss Hannah Caulfield, Headmistress’s PA

Having read the application forms and studied the applicants’ Sixth Form reports and final A Level grades, the Headmistress and Headmaster will invite as many of the applicants as they consider appropriate to attend an interview panel, which they will chair, between 29 August and 13 September. (Candidates should indicate on their application form if there are any dates when they would not be available for interview during this period).

The decision about the recipients of the Award will be conveyed to successful applicants before the end of September. The third and fourth place candidates in each Division (if appropriate) will be notified of their position in the rank order, so that an appropriate alternative recipient is in place in case the Award-holder(s) is/are forced to rescind the Award.

Further information and the application form is available to download here for Boys’ Division students and here for Girls’ Division students.

Please note that the award holder should either currently be in receipt of a Bolton School Bursary or should be from a family whose current income would entitle them to a Bolton School Bursary, had they applied for one. For those candidates who are not already in receipt of a Bursary, it will be necessary for parental income to be assessed as the School would do when deciding whether or not to award a Bursary. This will require the submission of an FG1 Form with details of the household’s financial situation, alongside various supporting documentation such as payslips, P60’s, tax returns and company accounts where relevant. Other documents may also be requested to support the assessment and parents may be asked to attend an interview with the Clerk & Treasurer. Eligibility for an award this year will be restricted to pupils whose assessable household income in the 2018/19 tax year was less than £79,960. Assessed income includes all sources of income and is adjusted downwards by £2,000 for each dependant sibling. If you wish to request more information about this process and the FG1 form, please contact the Clerk & Treasurer who will be happy to carry out the financial assessment for you at an early date. In any event, her final assessment of financial eligibility must have been completed prior to 31 August when the interview process will start.