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Remembrance Tributes 2018

One hundred years on from the end of the First World War, members of Year 9 at Bolton School Boys' Division pay tribute to ten former members of the School who died in the months leading to the Armistice at 11.00 o'clock on 11 November 1918. Read more about the Boys' Division Armistice commemoration on our website here: https://www.boltonschool.org/i-am-looking-for/school-information/news/assembly-commemorates-lives-lost-in-tumultuous-conflict/ The Old Boys who were remembered on this occasion were: Second Lieutenant John Gordon Ward (killed 7 May 1918, aged 25) Lieutenant Leslie Cyril William Bauchope (died in an accident 21 May 1918, aged 21) Second Lieutenant James Bromily (killed 28 June 1918, aged 31) Private Fred Worsley (died of wounds 25 August 1918, aged 22) Gunner Herbert (Hermann Gustav) Grossman (died of wounds 5 September 1918, aged 25) Private Percy Gerald Evetts (killed in action 14 September 1918, aged 22) Second Lieutenant John Fletcher (killed in action 28 September 1918, ages 21) Second Lieutenant Harry Bentley (drowned by enemy action 10 October 1918, aged 28) Private Charles Herbert Turner (died of wounds 17 October 1918, aged 24) Private Kenneth Hardie Crowe (died of wounds 22 October 1918, aged 20)

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