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Year 7's Cash for Kids 'Trolley Dash'

The Year 7 girls raised almost £2,300 through a day’s Sponsored Silence! Each form's Charity Representatives went to Bolton's Toys R Us store during their lunch hour to take part in a Trolley Dash, spending their sponsorship money to buy Christmas presents to donate to Key 103’s Mission Christmas Appeal! The toys will be donated to the charity Cash for Kids as part of the Mission Christmas appeal. To find out more, read the News Story on our website: http://www.boltonschool.org/senior-girls/news/trolley-dash-is-christmas-gift-for-manchester-children/ You can also listen to three Year 7 girls being interviewed by Key 103's Adam Catterall on the School's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/boltonschool/year-7-girls-interview-on-key-103-with-adam-catterall

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