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Friends of Bolton School

  • The Friends of Bolton School

    The Friends of Bolton School is an initiative designed to bring together past and present parents, pupils, governors and members of staff, as well as those in the wider community who have an interest in the life of the School. Many parents are saddened when their son or daughter leaves School because their departure represents a significant break...

  • The 100/500 Celebrations

    In 2015–2016, we will celebrate 100 years of the Foundation on its present site and 500 years of Bolton School. In 1915, Lord Leverhulme brought together Bolton Grammar School for Boys and Bolton High School for Girls under one foundation sited on Chorley New Road, split into the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions that we know today. In 1516, Bolton...

  • Friends eNewsletters

    All Friends of Bolton School will receive a termly eNewsletter with details of the latest news and events from Bolton School. The Summer 2017 edition of the eNewsletter can be read here.

  • Friends of Bolton School Choir

    The Friends of Bolton School (FOBS) choir launched in November 2014 and is flourishing under the direction of Mrs Andrea Price, Director of Music in the Girls' Division at Bolton School. The choir is made up of current and former parents, friends and alumni of Bolton School.  Recent performances include:  Howells' Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis at...