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Anti-Racism, Inclusivity and Diversity

As a School, we were determined to respond proactively to the global discussion sparked by the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in June 2020. We were further encouraged to take action when a group of our Alumni and other members of the School community wrote an open letter to our Headmaster and Headmistress urging the School to review and improve its practices and to make a sustained commitment to anti-racism. Ever since Summer 2020, we have been engaging with our stakeholders and making plans to implement suggestions through meaningful short-term and long-term actions, as well as continuing to promote diversity and inclusion, which are integral to the aims of the Foundation.

Full details of the School's response, actions and future plans can be found by reading the following pages:

08 June 2020   Black Lives Matter Response
12 June 2020   Heads Answer Alumni's BLM Letter
30 September 2020   Black Lives Matter: An Update on the School's Response
8 December 2020   The Legacy of Lord Leverhulme