"One mum in a family with three generations of Boltonian men said, 'You can't better this school - it's belting', and we are inclined to agree. "

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Girls' Division menu

Week Commencing: 11th December 2017


Chicken Legends

Vegetarian Option; Pasta Bake

Halal option; Pasta Bake


Garlic Bread

New Potatoes



Orange Sponge and Custard


Cornish Sausage Roll

Vegetarian Option; Quorn Sausage Casserole

  Halal; Quorn Sausage Casserole


Sauté potatoes

Jacket wedges H/H

Mixed Vegetables



Banoffee Pie


Cod Fish

Halal option; Cod Fish          

Vegetarian Option Cheese Ravioli

Garlic Bread


Mushy Peas


Mixed fruit Eaton Mess


Beef Hot Pot

Halal Option; Red Dragon Pie

Vegetarian Option; Red Dragon Pie


Crusty Bread



 Apple Pie and Cream



BBQ Chicken Pizza

Cheese and Tomato Pizza

Halal BBQ Chicken Pizza




Baked Beans

Mandarin Cheesecake


All dishes subject to availability.

Alternative Food Choices Offered Daily

Freshly prepared sandwiches with a selection of fillings from the sandwich bar.

Freshly made salads served from the Salad Bar including cooked meats, cheese, tuna and crusty bread rolls.

Jacket potatoes with a choice of filling.

Homemade cakes and biscuits, jelly, yoghurt, fresh fruit salad and cheese and biscuits.







The Girls Division Dining Hall

The Girls' Division Dining Hall

Queueing in the Girls Division Dining Hall

Queueing in the Girls' Division Dining Hall

Sixth Formers enjoying lunch

Sixth Formers enjoying lunch