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A Celebration of Technicians

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From 4th-8th March, schools across the UK took part in #TECHOGNITION week to celebrate the work that school technicians do on a daily basis. At Bolton School we have technicians in a range of departments from the sciences to design technology and visual arts and drama. Technicians are vital to the smooth running of lesson and extra-curricular activities and we are lucky to have such a skilled team to support our pupils and staff in their activities. 

Many of our technicians have joined us from other jobs for example, Nina Pursey joined the Boys’ Division chemistry department following a long career as an optometrist. Here are some of their stories.

Julie Hartley has been a technician for 16 years, 5 in a microbiology laboratory and the last 11 in the Boys' Division biology department. Julie has a degree in mathematics from the University of Manchester and taught in adult education before becoming a technician. Her favourite part of the job is the variety, no two days being the same. She takes pleasure from knowing her efforts enhance the boys’ experience here at Bolton School.

Conor Holden joined the Girls' Division as a general science technician in September 2018 from a similar position at the Derby High School in Bury and this is his 3rd year as a science technician. Conor is a very practical person and loves getting stuck into anything that is thrown at him. He enjoys helping and watching the students grow with their practical skill and that you never know what to expect when you come into work the next day. 

Kate Murray has a degree in engineering and joined the Girls’ Division as a chemistry technician 2 years ago. Prior to this, she worked as a library assistant. Kate’s favourite part of her job is when a practical she has set up works really well and it is clear that the students really enjoyed it and learnt something.

Chris Hanson works in the physics department of the Boys’ Division. He has a degree in physics from Lancaster University and was an A-level physics teacher for 4 years before joining us.

[Pictured Nina Pursey (Boys’ Chemistry), John Hopkins (Boys’ Chemistry), Leon Deakin (Boys’ Music and Drama), Anita Hamer (Girls’ Biology), Kate Murray (Girls’ Chemistry), Julie Hartley (Boys' Biology) and Conor Holden (Girls' general science)]

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