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Abigail Makes a Sale

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Little did Abigail Sharples know when she entered her ballerinas artwork into the recent Bolton School Open Art Exhibition that it would be snapped up by Old Boy Gary Sykes! The Year 13 student’s art was on display in the Arts Centre, along with other work from pupils, staff and friends of the School.

Former pupil Gary said: "As the son of working class parents who had only one piece of art in their house, a cheap print bought for them as a present, I had little interest in, or knowledge of art. I did sciences at A level and could not draw a straight line with a ruler. However, that print in my childhood home was of a ballet dance at the barre with her teacher, by Renoir. It clearly had a lasting effect, as my eyes were immediately caught by Abigail's three part painting of the dancer. It was unusual in that it was painted on black background and the work stood out quite literally in that it was a 3 dimensional piece, with the tutu being made of tulle. Having caught my attention, the work then drew me in by way of the contrasting positions of the dancer. In the first piece she has her back to the viewer which raises one's curiosity, causing a need to see more of her. The first painting also has a fabulous sense of movement in the detail of the dancer's hair and there being only one leg visible emphasises that movement as though she is mid pirouette. In the second part we see her side on and are drawn into the dancers face and arm position. Finally, the third part shows the dancer appearing to bend forward, almost in a curtsy, as if to say 'Thank you for looking'......although it is probably just a part of her dance movement. Any one of the paintings on their own would have been okay, but together they form a wonderful piece which I hope to keep for many years; even when Abigail is famous!"

Upon being asked to sell her work, Abigail said: “I was really, really happy and excited. It made me feel like I was doing the right thing, because I’m going to study art at university. It’s just made me feel good. This is my one and only sale to date.”

Talking about what inspired the artwork, she revealed: “Our exam question was chiaroscuro, which is light and dark. I was flicking through the collection of books in the art room for inspiration and I found Edgar Degas, who does ballerinas, and I really liked that. I just fell in love with the artist. He doesn’t really do chiaroscuro, but I talked to Miss Fazackerley and she said let’s incorporate that.”

Abigail is currently studying Art A Level and has applied to study Art Foundation and then go on to do a degree course in Art after that. She is currently preparing her portfolio for interviews.

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