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Anti-Bullying Training for Pupils and Staff

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Around 120 pupils and teachers from eight primary and secondary schools joined Bolton School Junior and Senior boys and girls in the Arts Centre for a course on how to combat bullying. The Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day, run by the Diana Award, aimed to show young people and staff how to both recognise bullying behaviour and support those affected.

Pupils gained a greater understanding of bullying by exploring the facts, definitions and effects of bullying. They received basic training on the skills needed to support others and stay safe, both online and offline, and were assisted in thinking up an action plan to take back to school, setting targets and aims for their Anti-Bullying work. A networking session allowed the students to mingle and share ideas with one another beyond their school group.

Teachers who attended the event also took part in a staff training session as well as assisting pupils throughout the day.

Bolton School Junior Girls’ teacher Mrs Marsden, who attended the day, said: “The girls had great fun playing lots of interactive games but more importantly had the opportunity to work with people that they had never met previously, pushing them out of their comfort zones. They are really looking forward to sharing their knowledge with their friends.”

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