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Art Project Creates Holocaust Tributes

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A group of boys from Years 8 to 13 have created artwork to commemorate the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. Pupils worked with Holocaust art educator Caroline Slifkin for a whole day, during which they produced work on this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day theme, torn from home.

During the session, which was funded by The Holocaust Educational Trust, pupils considered how they could use colour symbolically to portray the events of the Holocaust and its aftermath: the vibrancy of life beforehand, the colourless world of concentration camps and ghettos, and life afterwards for the survivors where colour might return but nothing could ever be the same. The work of artists Samuel Bak and Ceija Stojka was also used as inspiration.

Caroline commented on Twitter: “Always a pleasure working with Mrs Turner and students @BoltonSchool. Excellent day of Holocaust art looking at the art of Holocaust survivors #TornfromHome #HMD2019. Such impressive art created by students.”

The art will go on display at Bolton’s Holocaust Memorial Day service on 23 January in Bolton Town Hall’s Festival Hall.

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