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Artwork Showcased in Virtual Exhibition

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  • Lima Assi 1.jpg
  • Lorna Stirzaker 1.jpg
  • Serena Arya 1.jpg
  • Emilie Fielding 6.jpg
  • Georgia Barnes 1.jpg
  • Manahil Masood 2.jpg
  • Izzy Brennand 3.jpg
  • Hui Shan Wen.jpg
  • Eve Gould.jpg
  • Dhruti Patel.jpg
  • Sarah Al Falahi 2.jpg

The traditional exhibition of Girls Division students GCSE and A Level artwork could not go ahead this year, but Miss Jane Fazackerley, the Girls Division Head of Art, decided to put together a Virtual Exhibition to allow fellow pupils and parents to view students’ impressive artwork all the same.

Miss Fazackerley said, ‘It was so disappointing for the girls not to be able to showcase their artwork this year due to the extraordinary circumstances, that we decided to put together a glimpse of what would have been seen back in May 2020.

Under normal circumstances, schools are not allowed to share their examination candidates’ artwork on social media or web platforms until September (Examination Board rules) but this year – for one year only  we are allowed to share our work early. A small silver lining to the large cloud we have been under since March!

This was to be my last Art Exhibition as Head of the Art Department, as I leave this July, 2020. So for me it is also incredibly sad that I didn’t get to celebrate my final GCSE and A Level groups’ achievements with them in a public forum.

I do hope that you enjoy scrolling through our fantastic girls’ artwork from Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13. We are very proud of what they have achieved.

The galleries of artwork are available to view via the following links:

Year 11 GCSE Work

Year 12 A Level Work

Year 13 A Level Work

The works showcased at the top of this article are by the following students:
Erin Crompton, Lima Assi, Lorna Stirsaker, Serena Arya, Emilie Fielding, Georgia Barnes, Manahil Masood, Izzy Brennand, Hui Shan Wen, Eve Gould, Dhruti Patel, Sarah Al Falahi

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