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Boys and Girls Compete in BCFA Voting

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  • BCFA voting competition
  • BCFA voting
  • BCFA voting competition

In recent weeks, pupils across Bolton have been voting for their favourite book shortlisted for the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award 2018, which is decided entirely by young readers. Children who have read three or more of the six books on the shortlist are eligible to vote.

This year Bolton School had a huge number of pupils who could vote for their favourite book. There were so many that the voting itself became a friendly competition between the Boys’ and Girls’ Divisions to see which could cast the most votes! At one point, both halves of the school were neck and neck with the only one vote between them.

Both boys and girls have really enjoyed reading through the shortlisted books, discussing them with the Librarians, writing reviews and reasons to read each story, and finally choosing their favourites.

Voting at Bolton School has now closed. All that remains is for the votes from across Bolton to be counted up, ready for the big reveal at the Bolton Children’s Fiction Award Ceremony on Wednesday 4 July.

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