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Boys' BEST Days

  • BEST Days OB Pete Aunins (1)
  • BEST Days OB Pete Aunins
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  • BEST Days workshop (1)

Business Enterprise and Skills Training, or BEST, is held annually across two days for Year 12 students in the Boys’ Division. The event helps to develop a wide range of skills which will be useful to them in the world of work.

The first day began with a warm-up task which asked students to think of ways to market a new game. There was also an interesting keynote address and useful interview skills workshop with Chris Reynolds. Students were then directed to create a video CVs on their iPads, which they shared in small groups to obtain constructive feedback from their peers and members of staff.

In the afternoon, students worked with two Bolton School parents. Stephanie Murray’s task helped them to improve their communication skills, while Steph Foster challenged the boys with assessment centre style activities, including a one-to-one roleplay and designing and pitching a new sleeping bag in small groups.

After an energising activity with Paul Shipley and something to eat, Year 12 boys and girls took part in mock interviews with visiting professionals. The thirty minute interviews were followed by valuable feedback which also included an ‘action plan’ to help students to improve their interview technique in the future.

On the second BEST day, members of staff engaged students with paper and practical tasks in the morning. Steph Foster returned to advise boys on the ‘Recruitment Hoops’ they will have to jump through to get a job, and how best to tackle these. In the afternoon, she also presented a ‘How many Mips to Berylon’ task which was designed to improve communication and problem solving.

Two Old Boys returned to Bolton School to present other afternoon tasks. Chris Fairweather, who now works at KPMG, returned to Bolton School with one of his colleagues to present the ‘Dragon’s Den Restaurant Challenge’ which asked the groups to assess two London restaurants, choose one to renovate and pitch their ideas. Pete Aunins gave a workshop about the ‘The Economics of Free Apps’, in which he asked students to look at different free games and work out how they keep users playing and how they make money.

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